Build A World

‘Build A World’ – Ideas


Together in class after being separated into groups we were tasked with coming up with multiple ideas, words or phrases that would help spark our own original design for a world. I learned that in order to sustain originality the less successful concepts should be used as stepping stones in order to come across the idea best suited for this project. My group consisted of Rose, Charlotte and Bradley and I felt like I’ve struck very lucky with my team as it had a friendly dynamic and we were able to bounce ideas off each other with ease. After some discussion, our group had taken our favourite ideas and began to explore further possibilities as well as combine each others’ concepts. This process included dissecting and analysing world’s numerous times, whittling hundreds of ideas down to 10 of our favourites until we had over 400 concepts put together.  From those 400 we had merged them together to form multiple worlds, deciding upon our favourite 3 worlds to build our research upon and pitch to our group in order to make our final choice. For what seemed like such a mountainous task, our team really pulled together in coming up with some great ideas. The only difficult part was choosing our favourites from such a wide range of concepts!

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