Life Drawing


In class today we learned how to utilize the ‘horizon line’ in regards to perspective to take a simple object and be able to draw it in a number of dynamic angles, such as a box. In order to do this we were tasked with drawing a number of boxes of different shapes and sizes on a table at the front of the classroom. In order to enhance our perspective I found that sitting closer or below the boxes whilst sketching helped to give a more exciting result than just sitting infront of them. Next we were challenged with drawing spheres inside of the boxes to develop our perception of depth through lines and shapes.


To test our creativity I found that the most challenging part was to take the boxes and draw what we visualised to be in them, for example I saw one large box towering over a smaller box, to which I pictured an intimidating teacher looming over a smaller student. Now anytime I have to use perspective within my drawings or concept art I will draw boxes and use the horizon line to enhance how I want the finished piece to look.



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