Build A World

Idea Research

The individual research we do now can be shared and added together so we can create the finished product together as a group. A lot of my designs were inspired by a mood board of artworks within Pinterest that best fit the descriptions of the worlds we were looking at during the brainstorming process.


The shape I had in mind for this world was heavily inspired by the glass dome of ‘Victoria Square’ to represent a lost, futuristic utopia. The buildings themselves would also have an origami-esque feel to show how the civilisation had been completely hand made, including the citizens. A lot of my research for this world themed around ‘fragility’, how easy it is for their civilisation to fall apart and being controlled by a greater force.

davThe Victoria Square dome, Belfast (2013)








Victoria Square dome –


This world has a more post apocalyptic concept that shares the same environment and climate of Australia only more hazardous with numerous bandits and monsters roaming around that have been infected by a ‘Reaper Virus’, an illness that causes the subject to become feral and for their faces to rot away, revealing nothing but a skull. The worn and torn buildings resemble slums and are usually built on stilts to avoid the toxic waste below, and the world is surrounded by treacherous gang lands and poverty. These are some notes and thumbnails I had made to describe some of the harsh aspects of Australia world and some building concepts.


Each Hour is a Different Dimension

The construction of this world was based on DaVinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’ only instead of the centre being a man it is replaced with an hour glass to represent the world’s main theme, ‘time.’ The Vitruvian arms rotate the world like the hands of a clock every hour which then in turn rotates hundred of mini hour glasses that work as transporters to other worlds. The civilians are forced to change worlds every hour as they fall through the hour glasses whether they like it or not, they are known as ‘Time Travellers.’


Vitruvian Man –


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