Build A World

A whole new world!

Just before we had got comfortable in our groups we were suddenly swapped around work on a completely new concept, leaving behind our old work, which is actually really difficult to do once you get attached to your original world. Our new task was to create a range of characters that would reside in the world decided upon by the previous group, whilst still adding our own original ideas to the concept. One member of that original group had to remain on the project in order to explain the concept to the new members until we were all up to date on ‘Light World.’

Clare’s Original Concept
Clare’s Original Concept

This new world and its civilisation thrives on colour and light as produced by the prism in its core that reflects light into 7 different domes on the planet’s surface. These domes provide protection from the harmful radioactive sun rays that can mutate the world’s inhabitants and provide homes to the upper class creatures that are represented by a colour on the spectrum. E.g Red,orange, yellow,green, blue, indigo and violet. As a group we decided to base each character that represented their home dome on one of the seven deadly sins. Another group decision was to make consuming light a key feature for each character as the light source can be transferred into a liquid. This allowed us to depict a hierarchy between the selfish citizens of light in the domes and the poor, selfless beings that live in the world’s core and provide color and light to each city. Rather than having only one color, the creatures in the core are stained with a multitude of colors from the ‘prism pool’ and are more concerned about each other than their image and social status, unlike those in the domes.

As a group we realised how much teamwork is essential in this task,so our group decided that rather than work individually we should remain as a team and decide our character concepts together. It is important that each character looks like they are from the same universe so we needed to decide on a style that was adaptable for the entire group. Once we had solidified the world’s concept we then began to start our brain storm character design process.

My concepts for possible environments in Light World based on group work.

Group work involving understanding the original world concept.











Group Blogs





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