Build A World

Character design

Before we had begun our character design process we were given a brief lesson by our lecturers Conánn and Michael on character construction and how to refine them into simple shapes much like how the characters from Aladdin were formed. These shapes and silhouettes form the key components that make successfully designed and memorable characters.


Aladdin Shapes –

We agreed that a simplistic design would not only reflect the original world that was created but also reflect the concept of using shape to define a character or even display their personality. Another example or style that our group was influenced by was the concept art for the video game ‘Journey’ which was visually breathtaking but still very simplistic in design.


Journey Concept Art-

We began to draw up character concepts on the board together to which we then picked aspects from each others doodles to form our own concepts. Once we had designed an idea for the character concept we would then share it amongst the group, give each other feedback and change our characters to fit the concept accordingly. The briefing for these characters were based upon one of the seven deadly sins, envy, wrath, lust, pride, sloth, greed and gluttony. We also chose colors that would best show off the character’s personality and to add to their design, for example red is quite an intense colour so we applied it to the character ‘Wrath.’ The only characters that are not associated with the brief are the poor beings that live underground in the core. They instead were designed to look imperfect and colorful, due to the harmful amounts of radiation they had been exposed to they would appear slightly damaged, hinting that each being is an individual rather than the ones in the domes that seek perfection.

David’s Character Concept
Group Ideas


Group Character Concepts



For experimental purposes and my new found fascination with mechanics, I decided later on to try and revise the designs to try and include more detail and give the characters a robotic feel. I wanted to try something new with my art and create pieces that may seem more complex and mechanical in comparison to what I’m used too. That is why I did some research into the most sci-fi mechanical franchise I know, ‘Halo’ specifically the art of ‘Halo 4.’ Through this I challenged myself to try and transform the previous characters into Mecha type beings which was a little daunting at first because machinery is a subject that is alien to my earlier works.

Halo 4 Mantis::

Revised Designs


Group Blogs:: 





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