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Winnie the Pooh and Modelling

With this week’s homework we were given the task to draw the character ‘Winnie the Pooh’ in rotation (without tracing) to gain some insight into his construction and how to be able to draw him in a number of various poses. Helping me to understand a character’s concept using a well versed reference sheet and to draw in a style much different from my own. Reflecting upon this homework however I realised that copying structures without truly understanding them is one of my biggest flaws regarding my art. I should have included more constructions lines and used basic shapes to show that I have really understood how to build ‘Pooh’ from scratch more so than just copying what I see.


My Attempt


As well as this during class we were given a brief time limit to draw one of our classmates who was standing at the front of the class, using what we had learned about construction to draw them and try to capture their likeness. I tried using the table they were sitting on like a horizon line to try and place where they were sitting so that I could better visualise what angle to draw them. I also found that for me during this exercise, it was better to start with the head and the spine to base the pose around rather than beginning with details in such a short time limit. Little techniques like this better help me to construct a drawing more so than diving in head first and making too many mistakes, shape comes first and detail comes after.

Life Drawing



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