Build A World

Balancing World Concept!

I certainly felt inspired by listening to each group present how they developed on an idea that wasn’t originally their own, a lot of concepts had took a completely new direction which shows how we each determine something as individuals. When it comes to presenting I’ve learned that I need to speak up or push myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to speaking in crowds to better put across ideas. As well as this there should be an answer for every question that could be proposed about the world in order to build a solid foundation for the concept.

Once this week’s presentation was over we were all once again moved to new groups, the one found myself in this time was a world themed on ‘Balance’ in which three character types were developed, the ‘Big’s’, the ‘Small’s’ and the ‘Medi’s.’ The traits of the Big’s are that they are strong, logical and large in scale, they are made of stone and they have a very weighty presence with their feet planted firmly on the ground. The Small’s are carefree and fragile in contrast to the Big’s, they are made out of porcelain and prefer partying and listening to music more so than the work ethic of the Bigs. As a group we discussed the prospect of the Small’s being created by the Big’s in order to aid their work in the mines for ‘ore cultivation.’ However their own creation decided they’d much rather party than do any hard labour, this in turn creates some tension between the two societies.

Lastly the Medi’s are the happy medium between the Bigs and Smalls as they are created when the two come into contact with each other, like a fusion. However the Medi’s had been segregated from society because propaganda had been used to create fear of what was unknown to the others, leaving them to be the outcasts of the world. As a new group we decided that upon the original idea of someone perhaps keeping the world under surveillance and testing social experiments on them to see how they would react. The identity of who is watching them is still yet to be decided upon but we had an idea that maybe they are the ones creating the Medi propaganda as a social experiment. In line with the original concept the world that is designed like scales will become unbalanced due to social tensions and it will be up to the Medi’s to bring the Big’s and Small’s together in order to resolve the issue.

Original Group’s Character and World Concepts

Holly’s Design for Smalls


Molly’s Designs


Molly’s World Concepts


Original Group Concepts





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