Life Drawing

Life Drawing 1

This was my first time ever drawing a male model in a life drawing class and I realised that the form was a lot harder to capture than my comfort zone with the female body. In the beginning we had to draw 1 minute gesture poses  to try and capture the essence of the model, however I found it difficult to try and draw the entire pose, making the drawing too big that I couldn’t include the arms or feet.

When in school we were always encouraged to draw as large as possible rather than confining myself to one space on the page. This was then our lecturer Michael suggested that I ‘draw the whole thing first’ beginning with the models basic construct so that I could include the whole image. At first I wasn’t quite sure what the phrase mean’t, but I learned that the best way to understand this was too put the method into practice. If you continuously draw landmarks of where each part of the pose is positioned then you can look back and fill in the gaps.

I feel now that maybe it isn’t as important the size of the drawing in comparison to what you have learned from it, even smaller scale pictures can prove valuable learning. A large drawing isn’t what I want to accomplish through these classes, I want to be able to tackle the human form and learn how to push and exaggerate gestures so that one day I can improve my own character drawings by making them more dynamic.



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