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Color Theory!

During class we were shown examples of how color can be used effectively in order to create atmosphere or mood by reviewing the work of some amazing artists, the artist I gravitated too most being Craig Mullins. I was greatly inspired by his analytical approach to painting be it digital or traditional whilst still managing to have a flowing sense of creativity. Craig’s work especially came to mind when we were given the task of creating colour studies to coincide with the world’s we had initially designed. I constantly reminded myself of his balance of warm and cool colours through each one of his concepts whilst I was painting.


Craig Mullin’s Website –

The works of Atey Ghailan and his use of solid color through his concept art also influenced my work as I attempted to emulate his painting technique throughout my environment paintings. In order to do this I kept the opacity of my brush on Krita to 100% and painted solid tones in colour under my sketch layer. With what I learned from the tonal studies from the previous week it really changed the process of how I paint analytically. Instead of throwing colour down on a piece and hoping that it looks aesthetically pleasing I now take into consideration its tone, composition and focal point as well as the use of warm and cool colours.


Atey Ghailan Website –

I tried reducing myself to small colour palette so my paintings wouldn’t be too overwhelming visually to the point where you wouldn’t know what the main focus should be.

There was a lot of trial and error when it came to choosing a suitable palette for my work so I decided to research some colour theory and chose some complimentary colors, keeping in mind the use of cool and warm colours to direct the view towards the main focus point. The saturation of a color was also key to helping me figure out the difference between warmer and cooler tones, for example red would be considered a warm colour although if you lower the saturation it becomes much cooler.

Bradley’s Color Concepts::



Erinn’s Color Concepts::



Molly’s Colour Concepts::


My Colour Concepts::

color theory 2.pngcave 2.pnglove2.png

Further Color Practice::


Group Blogs::





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