Life Drawing

Life Drawing 2

Now that I was a little more familiarised with the life drawing class environment and how to approach a gesture pose, this week I made sure to focus on what I struggled with most, fitting the whole pose onto the sheet. I can’t understand a pose if I don’t give myself the space to draw it. I found that if I closed off my mind and tried to feel out the pose more so than trying to perfect it, it became less difficult to draw. Another obstacle I attempted to tackle this week was trying to keep the model in proportion, for example I have a terrible habit of focusing all of my attention on the torso. Then nearing the end of the time limit I would rush other elements of the drawing that I have neglected such as the arms, making them too long and out of place in proportion to the body.

To improve on this I might try to apply more of my time to drawing the arms of the model or even find a way to simplify them so I can position them correctly. Another goal of mine is to make my drawings itself more fluid, possibly by attempting to exaggerate the model’s pose during the next lesson, or focusing on gesture more so than accuracy.

1 Minute Gesture Poses



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