Shading Spheres

Outlining basic forms is important but through basic shading we can give flat line art some depth, showing that the figure is in a 3d space, not 2d. In this exercise we had to draw 5 spheres and use different methods and angles in order to light them, helping me to better visualise how an object looks once light reflects onto it. This task not only helped me figure out how different lighting works on spheres but it can also be applied numerous objects and even the human form. In future with a possibly longer time limit in life drawing I would like to try and shade the human body using what I had learned from this homework. I personally would love to be able to have a keen insight on lighting, mainly because I want to create environmental paintings in which the characters can fit the surrounding. If I can figure out how light is reflected off a number of objects, maybe I can give my paintings a more realistic or believable feeling, especially if I can successfully apply what I’ve learned.

Homework Task



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