Life Drawing


As an advancement on last weeks homework with drawing Winnie the Pooh in various poses we now had to draw the head of 1941’s Superman from different angles after studying this reference. With this I learned how to incorporate this simple head construction into life drawing, simplifying something that seems complex before adding in the facial features. Following this exercise I learned that it was best to visualise superman’s head in a tin can shape more so than think of the reference as only a 2d image. This way the head can be moved in a 3D space in different positions in contrast to the flat approach of drawing a head looking straight ahead. With this simplistic head shape it became easier to use lines to place the nose, eyes and mouth. I was surprised by how simplistic superman’s design really was in contrast to how complex the character looks. I hope in future I will be able to create clever character designs such as this in a way that is both simplistic and aesthetically pleasing.


My Attempt:



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