Life Drawing

Life Drawing 3

The distribution of weight to a model really adds to how dynamic you can make a drawing look, for example this week we had to draw the female life model sitting on a chair. For me it took several attempts to even get the chair right and during this I realised that it was easier to position the model when I measured her to the proportions of the seat. We were given more time to focus on the sitting pose in comparison to the usual quick gesture poses, so it allowed me more time to think of how I was going to fit the entire drawing onto the page and capture the pose. One thing I learned from this class was that it was easier to draw the model’s proportions accurately because the chair could be used as a measuring tool. Also, even though it can be useful to draw the chair with detail and structure, sometimes it could be just as effective to draw the chair in perspective using just a few simple lines. Maybe the same could be said for drawing the human form, using continuous lines to show gesture more than little details.

1 Minute Gesture Poses




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