Life Drawing

Sitting Down Exercise

Our homework this week follows in line with our life drawing class in which we had to draw the life model sitting down in different positions on the same chair, not only focusing on the anatomy of the life model but also the proportions of the chair. To better familiarise ourselves with this task we had to re-attempt the same exercise with one of our friends (fully clothed) and draw them in different positions on the same chair. To build upon what we had done in class, I tried drawing a wheeled chair instead of a four legged chair to try and challenge myself even though I found it quite difficult. Reflecting upon this task I feel like I may have avoided trying to push myself too much out of my comfort zone. For example I should have drew the entire form of the body sitting on the chair rather than hiding behind a table, next time I will draw the chair first and try to construct the form using simple shapes. That way I can accurately base the model’s proportions on the size of the chair without getting bogged down by small details like the face or clothing folds.



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