Life Drawing

Life Drawing 4

This week I found myself slightly more able in tackling the female form, becoming more wary of the weight and curves of the human figure a little more so than just the structure. My proportions, specifically my drawings of legs need to be corrected and I will keep planning out the line of action for the model and where to place them before I add in any more details. In line with the previous ‘Superman’ homework we used the basic head structures in order to draw the life model’s head and capture their likeness. Simplifying the head in general did make it easier to place the facial features, however I must make sure the face fits onto the tin can shape or else it defeats the purpose of the exercise to ignore basic head shapes.

I have been trying to figure out how to make the poses of my life drawings appear more fluid, similar to that of artist Michael D. Mattesi. I feel drawn to the amount of movement he can create through simplistic gesture poses without the restriction of rigid lines that I have been struggling with. It is a goal of mine to make my 1 minute gesture poses look more clean and precise so that anyone who see’s it will be able to figure out the pose instantly. If I can learn the skills to creating a dynamic pose within life drawing then I will be able to apply these techniques to my own work and hopefully, progress and improve my art.

Michael D. Mattesi’s Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators 




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