Life Drawing

Dirk The Daring

Before our next life drawing class, for homework, we had to familiarise ourselves with the construction of the famous cartoon character ‘Dirk the Daring’, and his proportions, so  we could apply these later to our life model. Through this homework I learned about myself that I tend to copy art without much given thought to it’s structure, that is why I find difficulty in trying to create my own original characters and concepts. In order to improve on my own personal work I should learn what it takes to construct a character more so than just copying what I see and build a character up more so than start off with the finished picture. When you know how a character was designed down to it’s simplest form, you can learn to draw them from memory. I want to expand my visual library and apply what I’ve learned to one day create my own unique characters, this has been one of my main goals ever since I had started drawing so, despite how much I struggle with drawing from memory, I am having lots of fun!

Dirk The Daring References and Homework



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