Build A World

Animatics and Mushroom World

Preceding our task on colour theory our group was transferred to work on ‘Mushroom World’ and were challenged to create an animatic based upon the work devised by previous groups. Upon seeing the designs for the quirky and savage mushroom creatures we initially approached this animatic with humour as a key ongoing theme in order to reflect the batty personality of its inhabitants because a serious plot may not have made as much of an impact as to how we as a team saw the world. We had a lot of fun working on the story boarding process together, coming up with a number of funny scenarios involving two little mushroom men until we had finalised our idea for the animatic.

Previous groups’ ‘Mushroom World Designs’



Finalised Storyboard Drawn by Erinn Morrow


The task itself was rather difficult to work on as a team because we had to organise our times as to how we would work together so we divided up the work process and gave each other individual roles. For example whilst one person worked on the  character line art another would be drawing up the backgrounds,  however the group had a lot of input as to how each scene should look visually so we were still working together.

At the start it was my job to color each frame for the animatic but because of the approaching deadline we decided to change to a grayscale tonal approach, using dark and light to indicate mood. A lot of the topics we covered in previous lessons really came into focus during this animatic, perspective, tonal and camera angles tied the piece together and emphasised the comedic timing.

Coloured and Tonal Frames::

frame 12.5.jpgframe 7.5.jpgframe 9.5.jpgframe-12-5

Completed Animatic::


Upon seeing the previous amazing character designs for this world, I really wanted to explore some of the original group’s designs myself. What instantly came to mind for me was the exaggerated expressions of ‘Ren and Stimpy’ to which I tried to reflect in my drawings. Also I wanted to use this as an opportunity to explore and experiment with mechanical drawings, e.g the mushroom mecha.


Group Blogs Credit





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