Build A World

Photography Challenge

Having had no real background with photography I was nervous about taking on a task such as this, I had taken photos previously but had never thought past taking just a pretty picture. We were given six categories to which we had to take 100 photos for each specifying ‘Perspective, Tonality, Depth of Field, Texture, Scale and Colour’ before we had to reduce these photos down to our favourite six.

Not only had this helped me reflect on what makes a successful photograph but it was later revealed by our lecturer Conánn the real importance of this specific task despite it seeming unrelated to an animation course. The reason why photography plays such an important role is because camera angles are an essential but underestimated tool on the 3d programme Maya, it can give a dynamic perspective to your animations so it should be utilised and taken into great consideration. How this task has helped me in particular is with so much repetition of taking photos, I learned which angles I found the most exciting and in future paintings I will be able to structure the pieces like a well taken photograph.

The rest of the 600+ photos I have taken can be found via this link.

Favourite Six Photos::









Depth of Field





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