Life Drawing

Life Drawing 5

This week in life drawing we had to print off a reference of the character ‘Dirk the Daring’ and compare his proportions to that of the life model, as well as the usual life drawing routine of 1 minute gesture poses. At first I struggled to place the model as Dirk the daring, fixating too much on the details and trying to capture Dirk’s likeness until I was unable to fit the character onto the page. Not wanting to repeat the same mistakes from previous classes, in my second attempt I tried to focus more on placement before I continued with the character’s construct.

I did find difficulty in trying to draw the character in different poses instead of the life model dressed like ‘Dirk The Daring’, I thought at first ‘how could I draw Dirk’s proportions when I wasn’t too familiar with what the correct human proportions are?’ This is why I feel like I should put more research into the human body and how to measure proportions, so when it comes to challenges such as this, I will feel more prepared. I tried to see the life model as only a guideline for how I should pose Dirk more so than reflecting similar proportions. I slowly but surely became more satisfied with the results of my Dirk drawings the more I continuously drew the character to try and revise earlier mistakes.


Dirk The Daring Task



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