Life Drawing

Madam Mim

The drawing homework’s we are being set are seeming to take affect on my original drawing process, for example instead of copying a reference sheet Im beginning to understand the structure of the character first before I position them in a number of different poses. For example with Mim there is some complexity to her construction in that there is some structure under her baggy dress and there are certain points to keep in mind whilst drawing her. Such as you rarely see her legs that are hidden under her dress unless she is doing a drastic pose. However I tend to rush ahead in the drawing process, I need to greatly consider the character’s skeleton to avoid making any mistakes as to how the character has been formed. Another thing that I learned is that drawings seem to appear less static or flat when you don’t copy and consider them in a 3d space rather than just on a page.

Mim Drawing Practice


Lecturer Michael Bass’s Revised Mim Structure



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