Bouncing Balls

Our first ever task using the 3D programme Maya was to bounce various different types of balls after a demonstration given to us by lecturer Conánn Fitzpatrick. What we were encouraged to animate included a bouncy ball, super ball and a bowling ball. With the ball preset and locator already set up we had to consider the squash and stretch dynamics of the ball and how it should rotate as it hits the ground. The most difficult part animating this for me was figuring out on the timeline when the ball should hit the ground and how key frames worked, coming to terms with a programme I wasn’t familiar with was quite daunting. During this process I soon realised that although numbers were important for timing, I could just animate the ball in a way that looked organic to me without worrying to much about the numbers.

Although the demonstrations were also very useful, I found out that I not only learned a lot about the programme by jumping in head first and practising with the software, but also by asking classmates who had taken to Maya a lot faster than I did. By asking questions and receiving feedback I was able to pin point a number of mistakes I had made such as the speed in which the ball was bouncing and it’s dynamics.

Bouncy ball

ball 1.png

Bowling ball

ball 4.png

Super ball with motion blur

ball 5.png


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