Life Drawing

Life Drawing 6

Much like how we had to draw one of the life drawing models as Dirk the Daring last week now was the turn for character Madam Mim from the film ‘The Sword in the Stone’ as well as our usual 1 minute life drawings. After struggling to place the pose from Mim fast enough before the model had changed pose, I had learned that it is easier to begin a drawing from the feet first and use a curved line to act as the character’s spine. This can be applicable not only to character design but also with drawing the human form fluidly. Also when drawing poses I began to understand that using lesser lines of different thickness’s can be just as effective in making my drawings look dynamic whilst also being a successful way of carving out the form. I would like to try drawing anatomy with more fluid curved lines more so than just lined structures and trying to perfect the outline so much so I can understand the pose more so than just trying to copy it.

Madam Mim Referencce sheet –


Madam Mim –

1 Minute Drawings


Madam Mim 5 Minute Drawings



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