Modelling and Experimentation

In comparison to animating, I found myself more comfortable in trying to model despite it taking a while to understand the basic controls as much as I could and which tools in maya I should use. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone with this task and try to challenge myself by modelling objects I knew I would struggle with initially. To me, Maya is such a terrifying programme because I have little to no experience with the software. Sometimes it’s hard not to get discouraged when other people in the class are taking to Maya at a much faster pace than I ever could. However this also gives me the drive to practice harder so I can reach their level and develop on my little understanding of 3D animation. I learned way more when using the programme and experimenting with how to structure a model, I figured out how to resolve my initial mistakes and tried my best not to repeat them. For example I continued to mistakenly select vertices and faces that shouldn’t have been touched and extruded them only to realise when I was finished that they shouldn’t have been there.

We were also tasked with creating a piece of furniture that we would see in our living rooms, to which I tried to design a sofa. With the first attempt I tried to build the sofa using more than one square but overall the design was too complicated and I learn’t when working in groups it was much more effective to build upon one single cube and create a model everyone can work with. At this stage I was becoming familiar with the edge loop tool and began experimenting with different techniques. For my second attempt I designed a Megaman X character model.

Megaman X Model


Sofa Model

weh 2.png


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