Life Drawing

Life Drawing 7

The focus of this week was learning how to draw hats on heads, something at first I initially underestimated the difficulty of until I gave it a try myself. I struggled with understanding the form and how the hat wrapped around the head, taking into careful consideration the shape, style and size of the hat. A reason why I may have struggled with drawing hats on heads is my history with copying drawings instead of understanding their structure. The best way to approach this topic I’ve learned is to start with a basic circle and instead of drawing the entire hat in detail, try to map out the curves and position of the hat first. I feel like there is an unwritten rule that basic form comes first before adding detail, and drawing hats is something you can’t just copy without understanding how it wraps around the head. I will restrict myself from trying to draw straight onto the page without remotely giving a reason for why each detail has been included.

1 Minute Poses


Hats on Heads



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