Life Drawing

Hats On Heads

Following the last life drawing session I tried to tackle what I struggled with in drawing hats by repeating what I learned on a number of different examples, and from analysing the reference sheets on Blackboard. In doing this I wanted to try and get a better understanding of how the hat wraps around the form so I could overcome what I struggle with most. With this practice I feel a little more confident in drawing hats but it still needs work until I can better visualise the properties of a hat on a life model without feeling the need to copy what I see. Maybe one day I can put my copying skills to good use, only this time, gain the knowledge to know the objects construct, so when applied to my work it won’t appear as flat. As a constant reminder of what I’ve learned from the previous life drawing class, I always include the circular shape of the skull to act as the basis for the hats I’ve drawn. This applies to hats from all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and angles. If it’s in a 3D space, then I want to draw it as such and I will keep practising relentlessly until I am confident to say that I no longer struggle with form.




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