Life Drawing

Life Drawing 8

This week did did not begin as successfully as previous life drawing classes for me, I found it difficult to focus on the model  given the time limit and rushed the pose, causing the proportions to appear disorientated. This was when my lecturer Michael Bass suggested that I begin drawing difficult poses by placing the subject on a plane in order to understand its perspective. Rather than copying what I see I should continue understanding the pose, that way I can fill in the gaps of the pose that are hidden. With a clearer idea of the space the model was situated in I was then able to use their surroundings to measure their proportions. As a progression on last week’s work we once again attempted to draw hats on heads, I felt slightly more confident in drawing the form of the hat in comparison to the beginning of this topic. Tackling the shape of the hat was the most difficult part of the task for me, that is why I found simplified shape of the baseball cap less challenging than the farmer’s cap and the folds on the fabric. This was because the baseball cap was easier to visually picture in my head by comparing it’s shape to a duck and it’s bill.


Hats on Heads Exercise



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