Life Drawing

Life Drawing 9

It was our last week of Life Drawing before the Christmas holidays which gave me some time to reflect on my progress from the beginning of the semester and how my drawing mindset has changed. In contrast to last week I had manage to regain my focus to try and tackle the one minute gesture poses with a much cleaner and more relaxed outcome. I feel like I’ve improved from the start of classes when I couldn’t even fit the pose onto the page, with the knowledge I’ve accumulated from not only the classes but the homework’s as well I do feel less pressure when drawing. What I’ve learned has not only effected how I draw people but everything because now I constantly think about what I’ve learned as I draw such as perspective, shape, form, lighting etc.

Speaking of reflecting on previous lessons we had returned to an older topic by being tasked to draw the life model on a chair to put into practice what we’ve learned so far. One obstacle in this task that I wished I had figured out during this exercise was to place the horizon line down correctly before beginning. Then I would have been able to show that I was drawing the model from a lower angle rather than being transfixed with trying to get the proportions right.

1 Minute Gesture Drawings


5 Minute Drawing



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