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Pecha Kucha

I must admit that out of all the tasks we had been given, relaying a presentation in front of our entire class was the most daunting for me. A Pecha Kucha is Japanese presentation style in which there are 20 slides shown of only pictures for the duration of 20 seconds, information must be sharp and to the point in order not to run over the time limit. It was essential that during the presentation we knew a lot about, and took interest in, the subject we were discussing, more planning leaves less room for mistakes. The person our group of four including me, Beata, Bradley and Erinn had to discuss was famous composer ‘Hans Zimmer.’

It was a group decision to separate information regarding Zimmer’s life into different sections so that each group member could gather individual research to be combined later. This included Zimmer’s inspirations, early life, most famous film scores and his future endeavours.

It was my job to end our presentation by discussing Hans Zimmer’s future projects which was a little difficult to research because he would be spending most of 2017 focusing on his upcoming tour around Europe and the USA. Then I stumbled upon recent interviews with the inspiring composer that revealed he no longer wished to pursue creating film score’s for successful superhero film franchise’s like he had done in the past. One quote that really stood out to me during this interview was “The Dark Knight Trilogy might be three movies to you, to me it was 11 years of my life.” (Zimmer 2016) This just shows the level of dedication you must give to your craft in order to be successful and it’s one of the main reasons why I find Zimmer so admirable. I also researched other concerts that he featured in such as ‘Havasi’s 2017’ tour, his reasonably priced online courses for students and his impressive  studio in Santa Monica, California in America.

I felt extremely nervous during the presentation, I didn’t realise that the cue cards I was holding would be my biggest hindrance as I struggled not to lose my place when I was reading. Also when reading the cue cards I found myself struggling to control my breathing and would then proceed to rush my words. In order to improve next time I will conquer my fear of speaking out and try to keep myself calm during presentations, I will also prepare myself to the point where I will no longer need to rely on cue cards.

I found myself intrigued in the composer himself more so than the abundance of giant projects he had worked on. For example he has an amazing work ethic and a logical standpoint on life, he finds no need for wealth and is convinced that money is not essential in becoming successful. He works hard and loves his job which is definitely reflected in his musical scores and I strive to be able to do what I love as my profession just like him.

Hans Zimmer: “I have officially retired from the superhero business”


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