Reflective Statement

Creative Elements – Reflective Statement

In the beginning of this semester I learned that no matter what type of team you’re put in, it’s not about how the group to adapts to suit your workflow but how you can adapt to push the group to its full potential. It becomes very easy to tell when the group is disjointed or unable to work as cohesively during presentations. However, that doesn’t mean that you should restrict your own work, if you dislike the initial concept for the world you’ve been put on but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to improve it. If you feel like you’ve contributed enough and know that what you’ve contributed is good, then your work will reflect that. If someone in the group can’t present or contribute, then it’s up for the team to help finish the work because it reflects better on the group that everyone has the initiative to complete the task at hand.

I also learned that to make paintings that have a greater visual impact, relying on colour can sometimes be my downfall, unless used with the correct tonal values. When my paintings were changed from colour to grayscale, the use of lighting in my work wasn’t correctly implemented. Therefore, out of all the tasks, tonal studies were the most challenging to me, but after further research I discovered that solid tones can prove more effective than focusing on fine details. I must plan my paintings before I begin as only when I finish do I see compositional mistakes, this lead to some revision of my previous works to try and produce a more successful outcome.

It is okay to be messy with my drawings as it is important for a sketchbook to feel used and loved, a lot of the concepts I had created derived from scribbles and accidents. I want to pull myself out of the mindset that all drawings must look like finished pieces, and focus more behind what I can gain from a rough sketch. Group work is also essential regarding concept art because ideas can be sparked off each other and elements from failed concepts can create something I could never come up with alone. Following the ‘Build a World’ projects even if there was an idea I felt passionate about and it wasn’t used, I wasn’t disheartened, it could always be worked on outside of the group individually. Just because you like something doesn’t mean everyone else should and when it comes to ideas sometimes it’s more important to come to a group decision more so than what you think is best.

For next semester, I will constantly keep working on my art and explore the 3D programme Maya, striving to improve so that I can hopefully use the next group tasks to advance in my own digital process. I have learned a lot from working with other people in a completely different environment from school and from watching other’s creative approaches. I will organise myself more and try to increase my workflow as I have found that when I’m working with others I strive to push myself, to learn and try to keep up with such a talented class.


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