Life Drawing Class- Semester 2

Life Drawing – 1- S2

To ease us back in to our life drawing routine, this week we were challenged with understanding form in the human figure and using shading to make our life drawings seem more dynamic. More so than just a flat image, I started to imagine the drawing on a 3D plane, as I have practised in previous Life Drawing classes, only this time we learned a new technique to help define the shapes of the life model. One technique I attempted this week was using the side of the conte stick to draw more so than approaching the piece like a drawing. In doing so, we were shown how to carve out the form using shape over line, this way we could capture the flow of the movement more so than the anatomy of the life model. Reflecting on this lesson, I feel like I should have put more emphasis on working with shading and omitted the inclusion of line completely as I was still too focused on anatomy. This in the beginning is what I felt made my drawings feel so stagnant, but another excuse for this was probably that I had dived back into Life Drawing so soon after the break and it took me some time to adjust.

We were also returned with the task of drawing the life model sitting on a chair once again, but focusing in on how the shapes contorted and changed when pressure was applied. After completing this task in particular a number of times, I do feel a little more comfortable drawing a model perched on a chair, although it did take me multiple attempts at figuring out the position and perspective. The chair itself was one of my main struggles, I should have paid more attention to where the horizon line was than how force was applied to the model.





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