Life Drawing Class- Semester 2

Life Drawing – 2 – S2

With the techniques I had learned last week, followed by the homework task to help us further develop ‘approaching shape’, I attempted to implement what I’ve learned so far into this lesson. One aspect I focused on more this week was using curves and a simplistic form of lined shading to try and draw the gesture poses, although some pieces turned out more successful than others. Regarding certain aspects of the human body that I struggle to draw in such a short amount of time, such as the arms, I tried to replace them with lines that signify where they should be. Although one day I hope to be able to tackle the arms and hands in gesture drawing so I’ll have less difficulty trying to add them in to my own personal work.

Our lecturer, Michael Bass, had taken this week to teach us more about how to approach head rotations, such as simplifying the rotation into a cube before building the facial feature around that structure. This technique really helped me to plan the rotation and place the features, rather than diving in head first and making lots of mistakes. As well as this we had to replicate the head to make it look like the same person which was a difficult task in itself, but I feel quite proud of the outcome and how well using lines worked to help me stay in proportion. An example our lecturer used during this lesson was the head rotation of Pinocchio, emphasising how important it is to use simple shapes to define a character. It’s not only one of the key aspects to good character design, but it also allows animators to set the character into motion, using the head rotations as reference.




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