Floating City · Imaging and Data Visualisation

Floating City – Our City Statistics

After all of the research on statistics we accumulated, Molly made a short video of statistics that we could possibly reference or that can influence the figures of our floating city. This way we could make the city feel more real and achievable, giving it the feeling that it is inhabited more so than just a pretty design.

Video – Credit to Molly – Belfast Statistics

Then with the influence of these statistics we developed them further to fit our motif, having both negative and positive aspects in an exaggerated way to separate the better off half of the city from the other. For example, more positive statistics regarding culture and positive aspects of education would be featured in the top half, and negative statistics involving prisons and crime rates would be featured in the bottom half. I feel like this is an interesting take on how the statistics for Belfast are so divided and in a way resembles how segregated our community is or had been in the past. A message we wanted to emphasise in the development of our floating city by exaggerating the facts and figures to impose our implicit meanings.

One thought we had when implementing these statistics was why make up our own figures based on Belfast when we could replicate those elements of our city into our own work, mainly because our city concept was inspired by Belfast. Why not have the statistics reflect our inspiration instead of just featuring Belfast landmarks on our floating city, this way we could involve even more of our research into the concept of Belsfaira.

Molly being the amazingly resourceful person she is, created another video that combined our final animation, as well as time-lapses of buildings in Belfast that we used as reference to use as a basis for our new city statistics. The main aspects being that the positives reflect the upper city and the second reflecting the negative.

Video – Credit to Molly – Our Floating City Research and new statistics

Group Credit

Molly – http://shepaintedher.weebly.com/

Charlotte – https://charlottebryansart.wordpress.com/

Viola -https://blog.schantalls.net/


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