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Floating City – First Concepts

When it came to designing concepts for our world, our team split up and began to work on elements of our own ideas individually. That way we could combine our original ideas to come up with a floating city concept that has some sort or contribution or idea from everyone. I initially really liked the idea of taking our Belfast motif and submerging it in water, having a sort of Atlantis approach to it’s overall design with some dreamlike, pastel, colour schemes. We played around with some ideas like, what if the floating city was on the back of a living organism, or was even living off the being itself in some sort of agreement. What if the city could float in a literal sense, because it was underwater, hence the name the “floating city.”


turtle world.png

Images – My Floating City Concepts

I wanted there to be an essence of Ireland within my concepts, so a factor that influenced my first design with the giant sea turtle city was the common field grasshopper, a familiar insect among Irish meadows. I wanted to juxtapose the idea of combining the sea turtle and the grasshopper, one creature that thrives underwater and the other that prefers it’s habitat on dry land in warmer conditions. It would prove an interesting concept in how the “floating” city would be able to manoeuvre around, with strong back legs that could thrust it onto land, with features from the turtles that also allow it to adapt to underwater conditions.

Field Grasshopper (Brian Eversham, National Biodiversity Data Centre)

Image left – Common field grasshopper – https://www.irelandswildlife.com/common-field-grasshopper-chorthippus-brunneus/

Image Right – Common field grasshopper -http://www.fungalpunknature.co.uk/Orthoptera/FieldGrass.html

My designs were heavily inspired by the music genre of ‘Vaporwave’ and it’s overall aesthetic, mainly because I wanted to create a nostalgia type feel in my creations as well as make it seem almost surreal. I also loved the colour schemes associated with this genre of music and decided to apply it to my floating city concept, trying a style of painting I would never really have done before, so it was a fun, experimental exercise. One quote I feel excellently describes the mood and tones I hoped to achieve in my art, reflecting on ‘Vaporwave,’ was “Though a good deal of Vaporwave focuses on the nostalgia of the ’80s and ’90s simply to create a soothing, hypnotic appearance and illicit an emotional undertone, or to be left intentionally emotionless.” (no name, date accessed 16 February 2017)

The State of Vapor[wave]: An Interview with Gran Turismo | Arena Music

Image – https://arena.com/article/the-state-of-vapor

Macintosh Plus – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cU8HrO7XuiE

Despite having influenced my style or approach of painting, the idea was not informed by the genre of Vaporwave, but by a video I had stumbled upon discussing the theory of Solaris and it’s influences on the video game”Silent Hill” (2001).

I was inspired by the notion of the planet “Solaris” (1972) actually being a sentient, living being, that is capable of tapping into the emotions and psyche of the scientists that attempted to communicate with it. The idea of making the concept for our floating city sentient or giving it the ability to contact other planets is certainly an interesting factor to incorporate into our unique design.

Molly had also made this incredibly useful video which combines all of our initial concepts together just to keep our group on track, because we didn’t want to be overwhelmed with the number of artworks we made.

Video – Credit to Molly- All of the group’s ideas and concepts


Vaporwave (no date) Available at: http://aesthetic.wikia.com/wiki/Vaporwave (Accessed: 16 February 2017).
Jones, C. (2012) Common field Grasshopper (Chorthippus brunneus) – Ireland’s wildlife. Available at: https://www.irelandswildlife.com/common-field-grasshopper-chorthippus-brunneus/ (Accessed: 5 March 2017).

Group Credit

Molly – http://shepaintedher.weebly.com/

Charlotte – https://charlottebryansart.wordpress.com/

Viola -https://blog.schantalls.net/


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