Maya - Second Semester · New Narratives

Animating Jonas

Our side task to help us improve our knowledge of animation regarding Maya involved having to download a number of video tutorials created by our lecturer Conaan Fitzpatrick. One of which included learning how to organise our filing system and how to animate the character ‘Jonas’ the lamp, the main lesson being that there’s more to a character than performing a movement. You have to look into why a character moves a certain way, or what best reflects it’s personality. I’d really like to learn how to rig a character using the same techniques as was created for Jonas, such as making shortcuts for how the character moves.  The main goal for me is to design a character, transfer it from 2D to 3D and then be able to animate it successfully!

I struggled initially with accomplishing the same result as the video provided, mainly because I kept making the mistake of key framing the wrong movements, or having the movement look quite unnatural. I think the end result wasn’t too bad, but I may refresh my memory of how to follow the tutorial at a later date and see if I can improve my animating skills even more.

Video – My attempt at animating Jonas


Image – Screenshot of the Jonas Model


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