Life Drawing Class- Semester 2

Life Drawing – 3 – S2

This week we referred back to the initial lesson two weeks ago of how to approach form, having a more in depth class about positioning the life model on a chair and using the horizon line as a guide to help us. Because I had struggled so much with trying to draw the chair last time, I tried to focus all of my attention on trying to correct my perspective, however I found great difficulty in trying to distort the square shape of the seat in a way that still seemed believable. As a cause of my weariness to try and figure out how to draw the chair, I sacrificed focusing on the proportions of the life model, making the drawing appear detached from the seat, or as if they are hovering above the chair, not particularly showing how force applies to the model. To improve next time, with hopefully a longer time frame, I really wish to accomplish the task of drawing a model sitting on a chair to the point where it seems like a figure, in a believable, 3D space. In hindsight, I wish I could have included using the side of the conte to capture the essence of the model, especially if I wasn’t going to focus too much attention onto drawing the model that week.


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