New Narratives · Schematic Diagram and Artifacts

Schematic Diagram – Process and Completion

What was really useful and essential in getting our group started with the Schematic was the timeline Lydia had created regarding the timeline of each event in the movie, highlighting key events and the characters involved. It made things easier to see the plot down on paper, more so than trying to write down the events from memory and risk the chance of making any mistakes. With this vital information, we grouped up together and began to try and start our schematic in a conventional layout, before we even made an attempt to give it a circular shape. Then Maggie very kindly, completed the rest of the schematic draft so it was easier to plan out the events visually, especially if we were going to convert it into a circular layout.

After the first draft was created, we started to transform it to fit our circular plan in our second drawn out draft of the Schematic. With Jake LaMotta being featured as the most prominent main character in the narrative, his red line would consistently loop as the circle. In order to keep the round shape, we then decided to connect all the other character’s timelines to this loop in order to show who is, especially when character’s paths meet and when there are gaps within the narrative.

IMG_20170214_125230.jpg IMG_20170214_183141.jpg

Left – Schematic Vertical First Draft

Right – Schematic Circular Draft

Lydia had the great idea of using a minimalist colour scheme for our diagram of grey, black, white and the contrasting red because of the film being shown in only black and white, the rare use of red standing out amongst the monochrome film. However, we soon ran into some difficulty distinguishing characters with such a simplistic palette, so we followed the usual Schematic approach of colour coding each character whilst still incorporating the previous colour scheme.


Left – Schematic Colour Codes (Subject to change)

Rachael then developed another amazing draft of our circular diagram using Photoshop so we knew if our concept was possible to create digitally and how the Schematic should be presented. That way we could jump into the final design knowing what was the best way too approach laying out the Schematic to be able to have enough space to include lettering.


Left – Rachael’s Third Draft

I was then tasked with creating some colour coded icons to differentiate between characters within the schematic, gaining inspiration from a schematic created in the previous year. In their diagram, they created icons using simplified portraits of the main character’s within the film, so to play on this, we were initially going to use symbolism that reflected each character’s personality. Instead, as a group we decided that because one of the key elements of the film involved boxing, that boxing gloves should represent each character. That way we could identify characters using a simple approach so even those who may not have seen a film would be able to follow our Schematic Diagram, rather than making it too overly complicated.icons for RB.png

Image – My Icon Designs

Following the film’s aesthetic, I tried to create a bull figure head to place on the Schematic Diagram in order to help with presentation, depending on the outcome it will either go in the centre of the schematic, or possibly somewhere in the background. Not only would this reflect the film’s title but the overall character traits of Jake LaMotta and his fierce ‘Raging Bull‘ status within the boxing ring.bull.png

Image – My Bull Head Design

The last piece of iconography that I made is a symbol of the middle weight championship belt that Jake LaMotta won during the height of his career, however I don’t feel as if this design had as successful outcome as the previous drawings. Most likely because I had some initial understanding of how to go about designing the previous works, where as with this concept I dived straight first into drawing it without any real idea what I was doing. This could lead to some revisions of this design if I’m given the chance too later. This symbol could be used to represent LaMotta through each of his fights signifying whether he won or lost, or just the important event when he became world champion in the movie.


Image – My Belt Design

Lydia took all of the designs that we had worked on so far and began the design for the finalised concept digitally on Photoshop, which turned out amazingly! Going with a similar layout to the first circular designs and thin timelines in contrast to the bars, but keeping to the monochrome colour scheme that ties in not only with Rachael’s schematic concept but the overall colour arrangement for ‘Raging Bull.’ We even played around with the idea of including a simplified calendar in the centre of the diagram to help us differentiate between the different years each scene of the film takes place in.


Image – Raging Bull Schematic Layout

Maggie then included all of the written work from the schematic draft into each of the small circles to act as a timeline, and Rachael then added in all the finished details as well as the significant dates of the film in the calendar design briefly discussed earlier. The group worked so hard in creating the schematic and you can tell that there persistence really paid off!

After some tweaking, like changing the size of the bull head in the background to give the schematic a professional aesthetic and adding a textured overlay to the background, the overall design for the schematic was completed. (And it was awesome!!!)


Image – Raging Bull Schematic Completed

Group Credit

Lydia –

Rachael -

Maggie –


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