New Narratives · Schematic Diagram and Artifacts

Artefact Concept

The next task that accompanies the Schematic diagram we created for ‘Raging Bull‘ (1980) was to create an artefact based on what we have learned from the film. The first thing we had to figure out was what an artefact actually was, so naturally, I googled it’s definition.

  1. An object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest.
    “gold and silver artefacts”
  2. Something observed in a scientific investigation or experiment that is not naturally present but occurs as a result of the preparative or investigative procedure.
    “the curvature of the surface is an artefact of the wide-angle view”
    (Oxford Dictionary (Accessed: 17 February 2017).

From what I understood about creating an artefact, our group could create and develop any type of object or artwork based on the film ‘Raging Bull‘ (1980), so long as it gives an essence as to what the overall film is about. There was only one thing that came to mind when creating an object to represent this film, and the clue was in the name. The bull is the most prominent symbol used within this movie, once again referring to Jake LaMotta’s animalistic nature within the ring as we have iterated to throughout our Schematic diagram.

The only issue now was trying to figure out a way to incorporate the iconography of the bull into our artefact and how to approach making it, with my background in digital painting, my first thought was to create a painting based on the motif. However we wanted to push ourselves out of our comfort zones within this task and prove our level of risk taking. That was why we discussed the idea of making the artefact something physical, much like how animation students of previous years had taken on the task and created some new, inventive ideas.

One question we asked ourselves was, what was the best way to show the process of how LaMotta mentally transformed into an animal in the ring? So why not take a literal approach to LaMotta’s reputation in boxing, that was when we all agreed to create a bull mask! A concept that was certainly different from what I was used too, but equally as excited to attempt. The bull embodies LaMotta’s aggressive nature and masks I feel are an exterior representation of the subject’s personality, as well as, a mask’s job is to conceal the wearer’s face. This could also link to another common theme throughout the film, LaMotta suffered from a number of insecurities and jealousy when it came to relationships, in a way you could say that he masks these flaws using his intimidating stature and aggression.

When researching ways we could create our bull mask we discovered a website that showed you how to make animal type masks using only recycled card, the site also promises the use of templates to create the mask. This in turn was an extremely useful resource, however it went against the idea of our group wanting to be challenged and make something of our own volition. That was when Lydia had the great idea of using red leather in a similar fashion to that of LaMotta’s boxing gloves to make the bull head. Red is also one of the only colours to be shown in the black and white film, excluding the dreamlike scene in colour involving LaMotta’s family.

Bull Mask - Wintercroft  - 6Bull Mask - Wintercroft  - 5

Source –

Below is another idea of how we could make the bull mask, straying away for the low poly look using card to try wire frame and numerous materials instead. I had never really experienced creating something using a wire frame before, meaning that creating such an intricate piece in such a short amount of time would be too difficult. This is why we decided to simplify the design of a bull mask into a much smaller scale mask, maybe even going with chose materials that we’ve worked with before such as P.V.A glue and paper mache.

John Tomlinson as the Minotaur in The Minotaur by Royal Opera House Covent Garden, via Flickr:

Image –

In order to try and wrap our heads around the mask design I created some designs based on simplified bull heads, each time trying to condense the work into something achievable.

cow head anatomy.png

Image – My Bull Head Designs


(No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 17 February 2017).
Group Credit

Lydia –

Rachael -

Maggie –


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