New Narratives · Schematic Diagram and Artifacts

Artefact – Process and Completion

We used a generic human mask shape as the preset for our mask, using paper mache and newspaper to create the form and face shape of a bull, building it up form multiple layers and holding it together using masking tape. Using a similar technique, we moulded ears 2 for either side of the head, building it up on multiple layers to make sure they were strong enough to stand on their own.

((Process photography by Lydia))


Once we had build upon the structure of the cow head, and were happy with the shape, Lydia layered more paper mache over the face just to make sure it had hardened by the next morning. That way we could begin work on the final details such as placing the horns Maggie made on the head, or painting the finishing touches on the bull mask.

Maggie brought in the horns she made out of a really light clay, which fit perfectly on the mask, they then worked with masking tape to support the horns on the head, later using paper mache to hold it together. Then it was time for the fun part, Rachael had brought in paints that fit perfectly with the “Raging Bull” colour scheme and we all began laying out our base colour. We then took turns to work on the shading of the head, placing the shadows and highlights until the bull looked more dynamic, our biggest lament was making him so bloody cute!

After the paint had dried, I attempted to paint an eye on the centre of the bull’s head, a symbolic reference to Jake LaMotta’s battles with jealousy. The eye represents jealousy in how he is constantly watching what other people have, more so than what he has himself, it was one of the largest causes for the breakdowns in his relationships.

All there was left to do was to leave the mask to dry and we were finally finished!  Our artefact really reflected how we felt about the film ‘Raging Bull‘ in terms of LaMotta’s character, inside and outside the “bull ring.” One of the most satisfying parts of the process of making the artefact was looking at the before and after, from where we first started until now.The artefact was a real team effort and I couldn’t have gotten to work with a better team, the outcome of the mask looked really good – if not super adorable.

Left – Lydia wearing the uncompleted mask

Right – Me wearing the completed mask.

Group Credit

Lydia –

Rachael -

Maggie –


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