Life Drawing Class- Semester 2

Life Drawing – 4 – S2

Taking into consideration what I lacked in the previous weeks, I had the idea of drawing with form on my mind constantly throughout the lesson, and this time I was quite pleased with the outcome. When drawing movement, I attempted to keep the drawing sequence on the same page to signify motion, just like how it would be visualised in animation, my only lament was not creating a surface for the models to stand, to give the illusion of weight and support. Other than that I was quite content with how some of the drawings worked with regards to gesture and how I figured out how to define the back muscles. Although I really do need to focus on drawing arms rather than replacing them with lines or else I’ll never improve on that aspect.

To finish off the lesson, we had to complete the dreaded task of drawing the life model on a chair once again, only this time fully clothed! This week the drawing turned out better than my previous attempts, mainly because we were given more time to include little details. As well as this, we also had to incorporate what we had learned from the head rotation assignment to the drawing, I deliberately sat at an angle away from the model just so I could try and make my drawing seem more dynamic. Then once we were halfway through the drawing, we had to change where we were sitting and continue drawing what we had started from memory, especially in regards to the face. The task was difficult but it really did help time improve my memory and how to think more about what I’m drawing more so than just copying what I see.



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