Life Drawing Class- Semester 2

Life Drawing – 5 – S2

This week I had adapted a little more to drawing motion, I feel like I have made some improvement to how I draw gestures in that they look less flat and boring, mainly because I’ve been trying to follow the line of action. Using that as a basis to add dynamism to my artwork as well as figuring out there is a significant difference between the line of action and the spine. One feature I thought really helped me with my life drawing was learning about the invisible line that we should imagine running through the model, like how puppets are attached to a string. This was a much easier way to visualise how the model would distribute weight and how we can then present these aspects to our own drawings, that along with actually drawing a square, to represent the space in which the model stands, was also very beneficial.

Keeping this in mind, we tried a task that was relatively new to what we were used too in which the life model would reenact  a scene presented to her by our lecturer, of a woman missing her bus and a series of events that follows. At one point I found that I was no longer paying attention to how the model was posing because I was trying so hard to focus on creating my storyboard. Looking back at the story board I had created I did note that some frames seemed more successful than others, fortunately we were given the chance to make revisions to this in the next homework that followed.



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