Life Drawing Class- Semester 2

Life Drawing – 6 – S2

I felt a little more satisfied with how my life drawing turned out this week, mainly because I had did more research in how to draw the human form and attempted a new approach. Drawing the torso in a bean shape was a tutorial I found extremely beneficial, once again highlighting the form not in a realistic light, but more so the technique behind how the torso moves. I still have made a lot of mistakes when trying this technique out, but I hope that the more I apply it to my drawings, the better I will become at understanding gesture drawing. Below is the video I had watched based on this technique, the basic summary is to merge the hips and the upper body into a bean shape, using two ovals to signify the difference between them, more so than focusing in on the details.

Video –

Another topic we focused on during class was learning to draw the feet, much like the tutorial above, we used a technique to simplify the shape of a foot into a box shape to help with perspective and positioning. The shape of the foot isn’t the only important thing to keep in mind, but also how it interacts with a surface, or the distribution of weight. I had a lot of fun with this task, and when you put the foot down into simple terms, drawing it seems a lot less daunting than I had initially anticipated.


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