Floating City · Imaging and Data Visualisation

Floating City Process 2 and Completion

With all of our models made, all there was left to do was to try and amalgamate them into the one model and develop our city. Below is some process images Molly and I took of our floating city, Molly tackling the bottom half and me the upper half. We did this after we had placed all of the buildings in the orb to make our model appear more like a city, duplicating generic buildings and making sure the landmarks we made stood out.The only issue we had during this process was to make the city model less detailed for animating purposes. Otherwise the rendering time for the animation would have taken too long, so instead we made process images of our more detailed model, and then had a reduced number of buildings when it came to animating. I really enjoyed taking photos of the interior of the upper half of our floating city, looking at it from different perspectives really helped me see the city in an exciting new light and see how well the finish product turned out.

Video– The results of the video I sequenced of After Effects – Credit to Molly for animating/ rendering, and to Bradley for the help

During the final process of our floating city project, I even got a chance to learn about how to use the software Adobe After Effects thanks to my friend Bradley who had the software on his computer. He showed me how to sequence the series of rendered images created by Molly after she rendered the animation she made, I even got a chance to adjust the colours and speed of the animation and I am really considering buying the software.

Molly made a short video combining even more of our concepts together, just to organise our images and it was incredibly useful in presenting our work.

Video – Credit to Molly – Group work process

Viola also made this incredible video to show off our city using adobe after effects and I love the way the video gives off a really nostalgic 90’s/80’s vibe and am really content with the outcome.

Video – Credit to Viola for editing – Final Animation

Group Credit

Molly – http://shepaintedher.weebly.com/

Charlotte – https://charlottebryansart.wordpress.com/

Viola -https://blog.schantalls.net/


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