Floating City · Imaging and Data Visualisation

Floating City – Portfolio Page

Below are videos and images of my contribution towards our floating city project.


Image – Floating City Concept

turtle world.png

Image – Floating City Concept


Image – Floating City Concept

floating city 2.png

Image – Floating City Concept

floating city concept 3.png

Image – Finalised Floating City Concept

city concept.png

Image – Floating City Interior Concept

pink clouds 2.png

Image – Tiled cloud image I made for the background of our animation


Image – My First Attempt at a Building Model

SSE Arena.jpeg

Image – My model of the SSE Arena


Image – My model of Ulster University Belfast

Victoria Square.jpeg

Image – My Victoria Square Inspired Model


Image – My initial dome design

Video – New Dome design animation

Molly and I both worked on adding city’s to the surface of Belsfaira, I also was in charge of colour coordinating the upper half of the city. These are the rendered shots I took of the interior, some of which I have previously referred to in my process post earlier. (Credit to the group for their models.)


process 11.jpeg

process 10.jpeg

process 7.jpeg



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