Life Drawing Class- Semester 2

Life Drawing – 7 – S2

I realised that this week and over the past few life drawing classes, that I enjoy drawing standing poses more so than sitting poses or gestures when limbs are covered. That is something I’d really like to train myself to do, so I can not only be able to draw what I see, but be able to fill in the gaps to create a more believable pose. I have improved on poses like this from the life drawing classes in the beginning, but I still feel I haven fully grasped how to draw someone sitting or posing on the floor.

We got to try something different in life drawing this week when we were allowed to draw in pencil, this is because on the topic of hands, it would be difficult to make fine or complex details with a tool such as conte. Like the foot, I was reluctant to attempt drawing it, mainly because I thought it would have been too complex to cover, and it was something I always tended to avoid when drawing. However when I got into the swing of things, I learned that through simplifying the shapes, it made the hand not so big of an obstacle to cover after all. My main struggles that I hope to improve on in future is, to be able to finish drawing  a hand under a time limit,  being able to distinguish from male and female hands in my art, and to be able to draw the distribution of weight, for example when reassure is applied to the finger tips.


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