Life Drawing Homework - Semester 2

Gesture and Line of Action

Our task this week was to explore using the ‘line of action’ in our work in order to better improve our exaggeration of gesture and form within life drawing class. I had recently been reading ‘sketching People: Life Drawing Basics – By Jeff Mellem and in this he stresses the importance of not only building gesture up through a series of fluid lines, but to also create a routine of how to approach life drawing so it will lead to less hesitation to start working. “Gesture allows you to quickly convey what your subject is doing. It gives
a solid foundation so that when the drawing is further developed the figure
maintains a fluid, orchestrated rhythm. If this foundation is weak, the final
drawing will be, too. I cannot overemphasise the importance of this stage
of the drawing. ” (Mellem 2009) I repeatedly tried to replicate this process, by drawing these figures, starting off with the line of action, I think I’m slowly starting to ease into a routine and I hope this process can improve my work with further repetition.





  • Mellem, Jeff. “Sketching People – Life Drawing Basics”. N.p., 2009. Web. 21 June 2017.



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