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Head Model – Sculpt

In class we were tasked with creating a head model of one of our classmates and then re-topologise the sculpt, however I was only familiar with one half of the objective. I was very excited to carry out this task, mainly because I love watching speed sculpts of numerous video game figures and artworks with Z brush on Youtube. The fact that I could learn and attempt 3D sculpting for myself made me feel very enthusiastic to get started. I wasn’t so keen on the subject of re-topology mainly because I felt a bit intimidated by it, Maya is still something I’m trying to come to terms with and probably still will for a long time, and I was worried that re-topology might be too complicated for me to handle.

I had taken reference photos of my partner Bradley from the front and side view so I could try to capture his likeness more accurately with my sculpt, it’s a lot easier to model someone you know because I had a better idea of how they should look.

werk2 werk.jpg

(( Image – Photo References ))

With no access to Z Brush, I decided to work with Mudbox mainly because I thought it would be easier to import files from this software into Maya so I could re-topologise it. I, of course, immediately ran into problems as soon as I tried to sculpt in Mudbox, I was trying to experiment briefly and see if what I had learned could be applied to my head model, but I couldn’t figure out as to why it was so difficult to control or mold my sphere into the shape I had initially wanted.

After a lot of research in how to resolve my issue, I sooner realised that there wasn’t enough polygons in the sphere to distort and change, so I had to add subdivision levels to allow me more access to edit and develop my head model. This can be done using the shortcut shift + D and another interesting fact I found was that you can use the page up and page down keys to increase the amount of sub divisions in the sphere.

I decided to explore numerous videos on how to sculpt on Maya, one of my favourites being the head sculpt of Game of Thrones character Tywin Lannister, this was crucial in helping me figure out a process in completing my own model. Following this video as best as I could, I tediously tried to mold and sculpt my head model to fit Bradley’s reference.

(( Video reference – “Tywin Lannister Sculpt Timelapse”. YouTube. N.p., 2017. Web. 21 June 2017. ))

head.pnghead 5.png

head 4.pnghead 3.png

head 2.png

((Image –  My Head sculpt ))


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