Life Drawing Homework - Semester 2

Pinocchio Studies

In life drawing we began to delve into the topic of character design by looking at examples of successful characters such as Pinocchio, as well as how animators can be on the same page when animating the one character. The process is done by making a reference sheet of the character from multiple angles and performing different angles, so the artists can replicate this and keep continuity within the film. For our homework we were assigned to draw Pinocchio’s head in rotation as well as learn to draw Pinocchio in multiple positions. The head rotation included the profile and side view as well as a 3/4 view whilst using a chart in order to keep our proportions. I found in order to draw a character that I was unfamiliar with, the best method was to simplify Pinocchio into shapes. Similarly to what I have learned about form, I then tried to use these shapes to make the character appear more believable in a 3D environment

((Image Source –





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