Life Drawing Homework - Semester 2

Story Boarding

In order to help us ease into making our own 15 second animation, this week’s lesson focused mainly on how to storyboard, selecting which elements of a story is important and planning them into an interesting sequence of key frames. In class, our life model proceeded to carry out a number of movements, whilst our lecturer relayed a story to us. It was our job to then note this story as best as we could, taking into consideration dynamic angles and making the narrative seem as clear as possible through our drawings. Then we had to take these drawings home and begin a clean up process of the story board in our sketchbooks. I was quite pleased with the outcome, however I learned that there are certain aspects of it that can’t be relayed so easily when put into a film, for example with some of the transitions I had made. A cartoon lightning flash may not prove so effective when incorporated into film, in order to improve on this, I will transform the next frame with a flash of light reflecting in the character’s eyes, signifying thunder.




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