Life Drawing Homework - Semester 2

Understanding Form

For Life drawing we were given the task of understanding form, not only so we could apply it to the models we had to draw in class, but also so it can be applied to all of our work, especially within character design. Form is considered as the shape behind the lines and adds a 3D dimension to artwork, portraying an object as a shape rather than keep it confined within a 2D environment. I experimented with numerous forms of shading to figure out, what is the best method of portraying form in my own drawings. One technique I wanted to try was to shade using only lines to contour and indicate shape, which was a lot more difficult than I had originally anticipated, next time I will try to improve this by using less lines more effectively, than too many without much direction. I also tried to create form using a silhouette form of shading, blocking out the shades in just white, black and gray, although I quite liked the result, it may prove a more beneficial challenge to limit my colours in my silhouette even more.


Last of all, I attempted to draw a pillow when pressure has been applied to the surface, giving me a better understanding of how for can distort when weight is applied, for example when the life model sits down, the weight disperses and effectively portraying this can give more believability to your drawings.



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