Life Drawing Homework - Semester 2

Drawing Feet!

In class we had learned about drawing feet, something I wasn’t too familiar with drawing because I usually tend to avoid it, similarly to how I prefer to avoid hands just because I find it difficult. In order to face my…feet demons? I tried to tackle the task head on, treating the shape of the foot like the shape of a shoe box, giving it dimensions more so than drawing it like a 2D image. I also found that using a simplified gesture, I could place how the foot would look by separating it into two spheres and two box like shapes, signifying the middle and top of the foot. Also, I made sure to take note that the bottom of the foot is a surface in itself and when drawn, it better helps you to understand the shape of the foot and where the pressure is applied. After drawing the foot multiple times, between life drawing class and this homework, I can certainly say I feel more confident in approaching drawing feet and I will try not to avoid them in future.



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